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Beaver Brand Sharpeners are a trade quality sharpener.  Made from die-cast metal and 88% carbon steel blade with a spring steel spring clip for sturdy long life.  You expect a hand tool that lasts and these sharpeners will go the distance.  Take a look at the international site, if you are a retailer looking to stock the sharpeners you should contact us through "That Well Known Handyman" site if you are in Australia or New Zealand.  Or to buy individual items contact us here.

Visit the International Beaver Brand website here.
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If your website has strong relevance to our site please contact us to arrange a link to each of our sites.  We are happy to arrange this provided your site is has a strong synergy with us.  Either in a similar but non competing industry or if we supply your business with sharpeners, if you use our handyman services, or are in some way associated with our business.  Contact us here.